“Doing Lines” in The Diner Bathroom at 5 AM #Arrested $40,000 bond

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Young Proctor, who is visiting from Canada, was caught by security staff at the Diner downtown with two other males doing lines of cocaine in the bathroom just before 5 AM on Sunday.

Security staff confiscated the cocaine from the Proctor, and it tested positive once police arrived.

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Proctor told police that he bought the cocaine, which weighed 1.5 grams, from one of the other individuals for $5, and was in the process of doing a line when security caught him in the restroom.

Possessing cocaine over .5 grams is a felony in Tennessee, and not considered personal use – so Young Proctor, 27, was charged with felony possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, and given a $40,000 bond by the commissioner. He posted the bond via 1-Hour-Bonding, and was released to his Hamilton, Ontario Canada address.


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