Gerald Mushi Arrested with ALL the Marijuana Goodies

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Gerald Mushi, 33, was arrested early Tuesday morning after he wrecked his vehicle into a telephone pole in East Nashville. It would turn out the wrecked vehicle was the least of his worries.

Witnesses report that after crashing into the utility pole at Gallatin Ave & Delmas Ave, Mushi got out of the vehicle, packed a bag full of items, then took off on foot northbound on Gallatin Ave. He ran through the fence and into The Park at Five Points apartments on Litton Ave, where he was spotted by officers hiding in the bushes along the fence line. He fled deeper into the complex where he was eventually taken into custody. Mushi had a bleeding injury on his forehead from the crash.

Gerald Mushi (photo: MNPD)

Officers retraced the Mushi’s path and located a duffel bag and lunch box that had been thrown over the fence on the southeast side of the complex near where he was located. The leaves around the duffel bag and lunch box were wet with condensation but the bag and lunch box were dry. The duffel bag was embroidered with the defendant’s first name. Inside the duffel bag was the defendant’s Tennessee license, the keys and registration to the truck involved in the accident, as well as several credit cards in his name.

The lunch box and duffel bag contained:

  • 9 bottles of “liquid lolly” – 900 grams
  • 15 packets of THC gummy edibles – 337.5 grams
  • 2 packages of THC chocolate edibles – 88.6 grams
  • 6 white paper packages of THC resin concentrate – 17.6 grams
  • 75.5 grams of loose hashish packaged in 9 plastic containers
  • 79.5 grams of raw marijuana in four plastic bags
  • medical marijuana labels for distribution
  • cigarillos and rolling papers consistent with the rolling of marijuana blunts
  • 66 small ziplock bags for distribution, one scale, $628 in cash, and two cell phones.

All marijuana derivatives added together weigh just over 3.3 pounds. We recently covered Gerald Mushi in April when he was arrested with gummy edibles and a firearm. He was currently out on bail awaiting court on those charges and another grand jury indictment.

His new charges include failure to file a report ($500 bond), failure to give information/aid ($500 bond), leaving the scene of an accident ($2,000 bond), drug paraphernalia ($3,000 bond), possession w/intent Hashish ($15,000 bond), possession w/intent SCH I ($15,000 bond), and evading arrest ($1,000 bond). He posted his $37,000 bond shortly after arrest, and has multiple upcoming court dates for the above and other charges and grand jury indictments.

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