Man arrested after threatening to kill former co-workers, & showing up to do it.

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James Craig Carroll, 51, is free on a $2,000 bond after he emailed a threat to kill his former co-workers, and then showed up on the property 6 hours later, lurking in the parking lot by a vehicle. An alert co-worker noticed him in the parking lot, and likely thwarted what could have been a mass tragedy.

Carroll was recently terminated from Bernhard MCC in Nashville, and was asked to not return to the property. On Thursday, July 12th, at 10:13 PM he sent an email from his phone to several employees at the office, which contained serious threats that he said would be carried out the following morning, on July 13th. In part, the email read:

“There is only one God, so which god actually exists. I am sure you would like to know but you don’t have to wait long, in a few hours the judgement day will be here”

“…each of you will meet their maker in the morning.”

“I look forward to seeing each of you tomorrow. Don’t worry you won’t be going to hell, the person you care about most will be sent straight to hell and you will remain on earth to watch them in hell!”

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Employees of Bernhard MCC say this placed them in the fear that James Craig Carroll would come to the location and harm them – and that next morning, less than six hours after sending that email, an employee states that he saw James Craig Carroll in the company’s parking lot, walking around his Toyota SUV just before 4 AM. The witness states that Carroll waved at him from the parking lot, acknowledging that he was there, and then left the property after being noticed. Police were notified, and Carroll was located and arrested approximately 24 hour later.

James Craig Carroll was arrested and charged with aggravated stalking, and released on a $2,000 bond. He will appear in court on 08/03/2018.

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