Man Calls Cop to Hospital Bed: “There’s crack in my pocket, & I don’t know how it got there”

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Just before 4 AM Saturday morning, Sean Paul Deagro, 27, flagged down a motorist on I-40 near Fesslers Lane and said he was robbed, and asked them to call police for assistance, and he was transported to Centennial Hospital.

Officer Tien Nguyen would end up meeting Deagro at Centennial Hospital, where Deagro alleged that he was robbed around the Tony Sudekum Apartments earlier in the night, during which time he also admits to consuming a lot of alcohol.

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While at the hospital, Sean Paul Deagro asked Officer Nguyen to come into his room, at which time he voluntarily, and unprompted, disclosed that he had drugs on him and he had no idea how they got there, and he wanted to give them to the officer, since he didn’t know how they got into his pocket.

Deagro asked the officer to retreive the drugs from his front left pocket, at which point 11.9 grams of crack rock cocaine was pulled from the pocket. It was contained in a small plastic bag with the tip ripped off and tied. Alongside the crack cocaine was a marijuana bud that weighted approximately .15 grams.

Once Sean Paul Deagro was released from the hospital, he was taken into physical custody and charged with both simple possession and felony possession of cocaine with intent to distribute. Deagro, 27, is an Air Force veteran, serving from 2010 to 2014, earning the achievement medal during that time. He is held on a $75,500 bond.

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