Music Valley: Passed out/asleep behind wheel, in traffic for 30 minutes – DUI

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Trent Thorpe, 27, and his passenger, Nicholas Bockoven, 27, were found asleep in their vehicle at the intersection of McGavock Pk & Music Valley Dr at 4:30 AM Sunday morning – and according to witnesses they had been sleeping in the middle of the lanes of traffic for at least 30 minutes before police arrived, with the vehicle in drive.

NFD Medics arrived on scene and assisted officers with waking both the driver and passenger after making entry into the vehicle and getting it placed in ‘park’. As Thorpe got out of his vehicle, police say he used the bed of the truck to balance himself, and described him as having a strong odor of alcohol with glazed over eyes that were bloodshot and water, and unable to stand without swaying or holding himself against the vehicle.

Trent Thorpe (FB)

When asked details about what he was doing, he stated he came to pick up his friend and that it was 10 PM on Friday night – when the current time was 4:30 AM on Sunday morning. Thorpe refused standard field sobriety tests, along with chemical testing, but stated that he drank beer that night, but would not quantify the amount to officers.  Inside the vehicle was an open can of beer in the driver’s side cop holder. Thorpe was charged with Open Container, Implied Consent, & Driving Under the Influence. He was freed on pre-trial-release.

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Nick Bockoven (FB)

According to police, Nick Bockoven, who was the passenger in the vehicle also showed signs of intoxication, and could not tell officers where he was or where he was coming from, and became agitated during the investigation, and appearing to be a danger due to his level of intoxication. He was arrested and charged with public intoxication, but his charge was dismissed after he sobered up in custody.

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