Naked Man in McDonald’s Women’s Restroom – Mgmt Says “He’s Been There All Day”

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Late Monday afternoon, MNPD responded to a call for service in regards to a naked man in the women’s restroom at the McDonald’s located at 4041 Nolensville Pk in South Nashville.

When policed arrived, they found 25-year-old Brody Tyler Young, who was indeed naked and locked inside the stall of the women’s restroom. described as erratic & doing naked jumping jacks. Management would tell police “He’s been there all day”.

Young would hit the wall when officers asked him to stand up, and smelled strongly of chemical fumes. According to police, young has a history of ‘huffing’, and was deemed to be intoxicated on chemical fumes, so he was taken into custody, being deemed a danger to himself and others.

Brody Tyler Young was charged with Criminal Trespassing, Public Intoxication, & Public Indecency. He was freed on pre-trial-release until his court date.

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