Nicholas Birch Arrested for String of Bellevue Burglaries

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Nicholas Birch, 27, has now been charged with 4 counts of felony aggravated burglary, after he admitted to breaking into several Bellevue residences.

On Monday, Nicholas Birch was arrested on an outstanding warrant and interviewed by detectives, and during that interview he implicated himself in several other burglaries in the area. He agreed to point out the residences that he had broken into, if detectives would drive him around the area, and they obliged.

Nicholas Birch (MNPD)

He identified a residence in the George Patton Rd area that he broke into the back door and took multiple jewelry items, on March 23, 2018.

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He admitted to a robbery on June 15th, which he broke into a home at 9 PM and took jewelry, and was positively identified from a photo line up. He admitted to entering through the back door, placing large amounts of jewelry in the backpack he was wearing, and then exited through the front door, and rand down the railroad tracks adjacent to the complex.

He identified a home on Todd Preis Drive that he broke into in mid-June by forcing entry into the back door, taking multiple items of jewelry, cash, and pills.

He identified another residence near Plantation Court that he broke into in June. Witnesses of this robbery also identified him from a photo line up. He took jewelry from this home, which he then sold for profit. He even stopped and asked a neighbor for some water before this break-in.

Police received information from a reliable confidential informant that Nicholas Birch was responsible for breaking into locations in the area, which was confirmed via photo line ups and an interview with detectives. He posted a $40,000 bond via Elite, and will appear in court later this month.

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