Spot’s Pet Supply Deleted Their Bad Reviews. We Saved Them.

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While Andy & Chad Baker were busy this week attempting to get reviews of their business, Spot’s Pet Supply & Dog Wash Donelson, taken off social media, we were busy archiving them before that happened. We knew to begin archiving them in anticipation of this outcome, because they attempt to scrub their social media every time there is an incident with their businesses, including The Dog Spot.

So here are the reviews posted to social media about Spot’s Pet Supply & Dog Wash Donelson, most of which have already been removed from their Facebook page, and some which are in the process. Most of these are in response to Lucy, a dog who died after being groomed at the Donelson location last weekend.

The first review below wasn’t removed because it was bad, however the author, Brandy Buckley, who works at Deja Vu Showgirls, is currently dating Chad Baker, who is an owner in the business. Once it was pointed out that Brandy Buckley she might have a biased view, she left a reply under the review, and the following day she deactivated her entire Facebook account, which also removed the review:

Once it was pointed out she was dating Chad Baker, here was her reply:

Here are all of the negative reviews that have been removed, or have been flagged for removal. They also have a Yelp Page, but as of today, only two reviews exist.

Do you have a story about Spots’s Pet Supply, or The Dog Spot? Let us know:

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