The Adrian Montgomery Murder: How It Happened (New Details)

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According to detectives, here’s what the investigation into the murder of ‘A1’ Adrian Montgomery, and the attempted murder of Rodriquez Perkins shows, so far.

On Tuesday, July 17, Adrian Montgomery, 27, and Rodriquez Perkins, 31, were driving around most of the day, and they eventually picked up Laquan Redmon, 28, at a West Nashville apartment complex. The three are described as “close friends” and spent most every day together.¬† During the day they made several stops around town, and while they were riding together, Redmon, who was the backseat passenger in the car, that he could set up a robbery of a male black drug dealer named “Cat”, and they all agreed to the plan.

‘A1’ Adrian Montgomery

At 8:45 PM, Redmon told Perkins, who was driving, to go to his sister’s house at 225 Maplewood Trace. He told Perkins that she no longer lived there, and the house was abandoned, so it was where the robbery would happen.

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Perkins drove into the back yard of the residence and made a circle, so he was now facing toward the street. While they were waiting for “Cat”, Redmon pulled two guns from a blue backpack, handing one to the Perkins, who was in the driver’s seat, and the other to Adrian Montgomery, who was sitting in the front passenger seat. Perkins says he was under the impression the guns were to be used in the supposed robbery of the drug dealer “Cat”.

Laquan Redmon (MNPD)

Redmon then told Perkins to turn off his “Lyft” light that was illuminated in the windshield, and as soon as the light was turned off,¬†Perkins says he heard a gunshot and saw Adrian Montgomery slump over. Before he could get out of the driver’s side door, he heard another gunshot and felt pain to his right arm. Perkins jumped out of the car and ran toward the backyard of the residence they were parked at. He then heard three more gunshots as he was jumping a fence and running away, ending up at 231 Maplewood Trace to call for help.

Several calls came in regarding the incident, and a neighbor told police he saw a male black carrying a blue backpack “walking swiftly” away from the area toward Dickerson Pk, immediately after the gunshots.

Police arrived to the scene and found Rodriquez Perkins lying on the porch at 231 Maplewood Trace. While he was receiving medical attention, they followed the blood trail to 225 Maplewood Trace, where they found a white Hyundai Sonata parked in the driveway, facing the road. Inside the front passenger seat, they found Adrian Montgomery shot to death, with an entrance wound in the back of his head, and an exit wound from his mouth.

On the ground next to the driver’s door was a loaded black semi-automatic handgun and a black cell phone.

According to the medical examiner who conducted the autopsy, Adrian Montgomery was shot into the head at a downward angle from behind with a contact (point-blank) shot. Rodriquez Perkins was shot in the back of the right arm, with an exit wound in the front of the arm.

Laquan L Redmon is charged with Homicide & Attempted Homicide, in addition to a probation violation and a failure to be booked citation. He is currently held on a $771,000 bond, and will a review hearing on Thursday.

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