VIDEO: Club Premium Stabbing: Here’s What Happened. 2 injured, 1 Arrested, $81,000 bond

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One female, currently identified and booked as Andrea Denise Kinzer, 36, is currently held in jail on an $81,000 bond, charged with 2 felony counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, criminal impersonation, & public intoxication.

victim 1’s injuries (photo: Facebook)

‘Andrea Denise Kinzer’ (DOB 03/28/81 OCA: 205680) is also identified in the MNPD ARMS system as ‘Larhonda Feebie Clark’ (DOB’s: 03/28/81 & 03/28/82), and she has various other identities, such as Latreia Ann Clark, & Temeka Clark, many of which she has used to rent, lease, obtain credit, and get arrested under – but they are all the same person. We will use the ‘Kinzer’ name, as that’s what she is currently booked and charged under.

The party started a Club Premium on Murfreesboro Pk, when officers arrived on scene in response to a a reported stabbing. A security guard at the location had already detained the suspect, Andrea Kinzer, due to other patrons reporting that she had stabbed 2 people inside the club. Officers put Kinzer, who appeared to be heavily intoxicated, in the back of a patrol car to investigate.

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This video shows the outside fight as it ended, not the stabbing/victims.

According to several witnesses, Kinzer began fighting multiple people, and cutting them with a knife, which was retrieved from her person when she was detained and turned into evidence.

One victim says she and Kinzer were dancing near each other when they began to bump into each other, which turned to arguing, and then later escalated to shoving and fighting.  During the fighting, Kinzer is said to have pulled a knife from her purse and began to wave it around and lunge toward the first victim, who sustained a cut underneath her right eye.

A second victim was observing the altercation, and stepped in to attempt to break up the fight and de-escalate the situation. However, during that attempt, she suffered a cut in her shoulder when Kinzer stabbed her with the knife.

Eventually the fight moved to the outside of the club, and was then broken up by security guards, who detained Kinzer and contacted police. One victim was transported to the hospital, with non life-threatening injuries.

Andrea Kinzer was booked into custody under the name “Kerry Couch” as a driver’s license for that name was found in the defendant’s purse, and when she was asked if she was “Kerry Couch”, she replied yes. Once booked and fingerprinted, DCSO advised officers that was in fact not who she was, and her true legal identity was Andrea Kinzer. She is charged with charged with 2 felony counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, criminal impersonation, & public intoxication, and held on an $81,000 bond, with a hold to complete DNA testing for the crime lab. She will have a review hearing on Tuesday.

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