[VIDEO] Matthew DelRossi Flips Out at Polls in Antioch – Accused of Disrespecting Women

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Thursday morning should have been just another day at the polls in Antioch, where early voting is taking place at the South East Library. Matthew Delrossi, who is running for vice mayor, caused sparks to fly this morning when he got into a verbal altercation with Jason Potts, current city council member, and candidate for state representative. DelRossi is accused, once again, of disrespecting women, and touching/pushing one of Jason Potts’ poll workers.

We have obtained video which shows the altercation between DelRossi & Potts, both parts combined below:

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MNPD responded to the scene, and were told by Potts the two had worked it out, so no charges were pressed. Potts has not yet responded to our request for comment, DelRossi replied on social media, stating “Fake News.¬†Jason Potts is about to get his ads[sic] handed to him for filing a false police report”.

Here’s another part of the video where DelRossi is seen ranting & venting:

Delrossi caused a similar scene earlier in the week at the Howard Office Building, when he was campaigning in the street with traffic / parked cars, instead of in the designated area of the sidewalk/grass that was set up for candidates. Security & MNPD were involved in that incident, as well.

Delrossi would later post on social media:

“There’s not a single actual metro officer who would arrest a candidate at the polls on the the word of a metro council person. Potts is a fat joke I dare him to show his face in Bordeaux were he and the council just proposed putting a new trash dump. Who’s out of touch me sitting here talking to people, or those in city government too afraid to show their faces at the polls in the districts they think they can trash.”

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