Woman Calls Cops on Black Senior Citizen for Parking in the Park

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Late Tuesday afternoon, Jesse Anne Bybee, of Lebanon, says she called authorities after she witnessed an elderly African-American man sitting parked in his vehicle in the park by the swimming pool. She says she even checked the pool and “there’s no African American children or anyone at the pool..”.

Jesse Anne Bybee then posted photos of the senior citizen and his vehicle, including license plate, in a local Facebook group called ‘The MAIN HIP: Lebanon, TN‘ to nearly 25,000 members. We have blurred the gentleman’s face and license plate, for privacy. She described the elderly man as at least “70 years old, if not older”.

Bybee posted:

“Playing frisbee golf and I see this man watching the pool… He seems very interested and hasn’t taken his eyes off the area for at least 10 minutes. Should I call the police? This just disturbs me for some reason.. I know how sick people can be”

Jesse Bybee also added that if anyone thought she was being racist, they should “check out my two best friends profiles”, and she tagged two African-American friends in the comment.

This is the 2018 we’re living in – where a senior citizen can’t park his car in the park without a 22-year-old calling the police on him, after checking that there were no other black people in the area? Is this the best we are striving to be?

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