Antioch Cake Baker Threatens to Sue Customer over Bad Reviews

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Ryan Espinoza says his 10-year-old niece cried when she saw the cake that Olga’s Cakes in Antioch created for her birthday party. She had picked out a simple white cake with a colorful rainbow, but what she received was a blue cake with an attempted rainbow and butterfly decorations that weren’t edible.

Here is the photo that Ryan texted to Olga’s Cakes (Pastelería Olga’s Cakes on social media) to show what he wanted, and the second photo is the cake that he received, for which he says he paid approximately $80:

The cake was picked up and brought home, as a 10-year-old’s birthday party must go on, so afterwards the family contacted Olga to let her know that they cake they picked up for the birthday party was not what they wanted, and they say that Olga told them that she added color and butterflies because she “felt the design was too simple” before hanging up on them instead of offering any resolution.

Ryan took to social media to show the cake design that the ordered, and the cake that he received, and left a review on Olga’s Facebook page, and a few others followed the same actions. In the hours after, the family began to receive text messages from the Olga’s which requested their home address so they can be “served with a warrant for court” for other’s leaving bad reviews of her business, and when they refused to give Olga’s their home address, they were told she would get it from the church. Here are the text exchanges between Olga’s and the family:

The family received no apology, no resolution, and were left with a bad taste in their mouth from Olga’s Cakes in Antioch. Scoop: Nashville reached out to the owner, Olga M Baldizón, on Monday morning – however she said she was unable to speak on the matter currently, and to call back on Tuesday before disconnecting the call. Those familiar with the situation say an apology and ‘good customer service’ could have went a long way in resolving this issue.

We will follow up if we receive further comment from Olga’s or a resolution to the issue.

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