Antioch Man Caught with 6 Pounds Marijuana at Nashville International Airport – #PreTrialRelease

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Eric Latrell Mitchell, 34, better known to friends as ‘Eric Dreadhead Mitchell’, was arrested Wednesday at the Nashville International Airport, after authorities found pounds of marijuana in his luggage.

At 3:40 PM Wednesday, BNA’s Airport Criminal Investigations Division was using a K9 to search for narcotics on inbound flights. The K9 alerted to a black bag that was located on Southwest flight 2235 from LAX. The black bag had a Southwest claim tag with the name Eric Mitchell on it. Mitchell is from Antioch, TN.

Once the bag was placed on the belt, it went onto the claim side and Eric Mitchell picked up the bag. CID investigators approached Mitchell and told him that a narcotic trained K9 alerted to his bag, and asked Mitchell for consent to search, which he gave.

Upon searching the bag, investigators located 9 vacuum sealed bundles of marijuana that were packaged in air tight bags. Mitchell was asked if he knew the marijuana was in there and he advised that he knew it was in the bag. He was then placed under arrest for Felony possession of marijuana with the intent to sell. The 9 bundles of marijuana were weighed, and each weighed approximately .70 lb/each (in total 6.3 pounds).

Here’s where it gets interesting – it turns out that Mitchell is out on bond while he has a current case pending for possession of 57 grams of heroin, 20 grams of cocaine, along with other lesser charges, and that case has been continued for the past 18 months by joint agreement, and during that time he’s even had one arrest fully dismissed, and on this new charge yesterday, he was released on pre-trial-release, despite over a dozen previous felony charges, currently on a bond, and smuggling drugs on an airplane.

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