Bellevue Man Robbed & Carjacked After Criminals Toss Dog Into Path of Car

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A Bellevue man says he was robbed and carjacked at rifle-point after he stopped to help a dog that two men tossed into the path of his car.

Just after 2:30 AM on August 12th, a local bartender had finished his shift and was heading home on Hwy 70S in Bellevue. During that drive, he says a dog appeared to have been thrown into the path of his car, giving no time to dodge the animal. Unsure of exactly what was happening, he immediately stopped his care to render aid to the dog, or see if it had information to contact the owner.

Once he was outside his car, he realized there were 2 young African American males on foot near the roadway where his car impacted the dog. The two males approached him, one pointed a long-gun/rifle to his head and he was robbed of his belongings. One of the young men ran to a parked car, while the other stole the victim’s car and drove away.

The victim was able to go to a nearby home, where a resident called 911 for him. Further descriptions of the young African American males were not immediately available from officials. Metro’s ARMS database has this case listed as ‘OPEN’ and is described as ‘Aggravated Robbery (Long Gun)’. We will update with more information as it becomes available.




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