Chaos & Gunfire Breaks Out at Pearl-Cohn During Youth Football Game

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As a coach was shot at a youth football game by a parent of a member of the opposing team in Antioch Saturday night, there was similar chaos happening across town at Pearl-Cohn, where another youth football jamboree game was underway – until fights and gunfire erupted.

Although the initial word from school officials did not include gunshots, dozens of witnesses report at least 8 shots being fired, and we have video of what appears to clearly be the sounds of gunshots before the crown runs for cover. The sound of gunfire can be heard at about 38 seconds into the video.

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Witnesses say a fight broke out, and then at some later point gunshots erupted. Once witness says that the person that was in the fight returned with a group of people, and that’s when the shots were heard. It is unclear if the shots came from inside or outside the fence of the field.

One parent said that her son, a youth player, is still in shock today. She said the team took cover on the field, before everyone fled. One referee that was at the game, says that school administrators brought the report to the referees before the Umpire called the game, that “a trash can was knocked over”, then corrected to “a table knocked over during a fight that broke out under the scoreboard, and children were scattering.” School officials have not yet responded to our request for further details. MNPD did respond to the incident, as you can see officers attempting to break up the fight in the video.

The game was eventually called, due to McGavock not wanting to participate. A gunman is still on the loose that shot a coach at another youth football jamboree game in Antioch during the same time period last night.


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