Church Helper Barry Creque to serve 6 months at CCA for Sexual Exploitation of Minor

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Barry Creque, 46, has been found guilty of sexual exploitation of a minor and will report to jail on August 31st in Nashville to serve the 6 months ‘behind bars’ portion of his sentence. In February he admitted to having a sexual attraction to underage girls, and was found with sexual images of minor children on his phone. Creque was sentenced to 3 years by Judge Steve Dozier, with all but 6 months suspended. Once he completes the six months incarcerated, he will be on Community Corrections (probation) for the next 2.5 years.

Creque was a frequent churchgoer at  Generation Changers Church in Nashville, who initially denied he was ever a part of their membership, until we discovered videos in February of Creque helping with the children’s vacation bible school at the church, and interacting with the children there, along with being a part of the adults that held the children’s programs within the church.

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During his arrest interview in Febuary, Creque admitted to knowing the illegal images were on his phone and admitted to having a sexual attraction to underage girls. During the interview the Barry Creque allowed his LG cell phone to be viewed. In the screen shot folder of the Gallery, an officer found sex (6) sexual images of minor children.

“Five of the images are of nude prepubescent girls showing the lude and lascivious exhibition of their genitals or buttocks. Two of the images showing the minor females engaged in sexual activity as defined in T.C.A. Code 39-17-1002. In one of those two images a clothed minor female is putting her mouth on a erect penis.”


ARREST. Sexual Exploitation of a Minor: Barry Creque (Generation Changers Church Member)

Barry Creque (charged w/Sexual Exploitation of a Minor) was Part of Vacation Bible School w/Children [Video]

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