Music City Psychic Sued Again – Man Paid Her $6K to Hold $35K Cash in Lockbox for 3 Months

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A Nashville man is once again taking his psychic to court. In late April, Lonnie Schrook sued Jennifer Williams, better known as ‘Music City Psychic’ for $25,000, after she failed to return the $35,000 she was holding for him, a service that he paid $6,000 for, as part of the deal. This is a common practice among psychics, a they will often tell their clients that the money is the root of their problems, and the client should let them hold all of it, sometimes promising to return it ‘blessed’ by someone or something.

The case made it all the way to court in July, and the two parties agreed on a non-suit agreement that including ‘Music City Psychic’ Jennifer Williams making payments to satisfy the amount of the non-returned money. However, on August 13th Lonnie Schrook had to file a new second lawsuit, as she has refused to satisfy the terms of the previous non-suited agreement. This is also a very well known tactic used by psychics – they will promise, or pay smalls amounts, and drag thing out, typically repaying the debt with money gained from a new client. Sometimes these cases see criminal charges, instead of civil, but they are much harder to prove with this being an all cash world.

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Here’s how Lonnie says it worked. He paid Jennifer Williams $6,000 for a 3-month “professional services” plan, which included her holding $35,000 of his cash money in a locked box for him. Here’s what the original lawsuit claims:

“I paid $6,000 for professional services for a 3 month plan ending on March 31st, 2018. The plan included Mrs. Williams holding $35,000 in a lock-box until the completion of the plan. She now does not want to return the $35,000, although she has made 2 payments totaling $4,000. I have asked for the balance or a payment plan to no avail. I am willing to receive a sum of $25,000 so this will complete.”

Williams has not yet been served with the new lawsuit, and did not respond to inquiries regarding the case.

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