Nashville Lawyer Kidnapped from Green Hills Residence & Robbed at Gunpoint

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UPDATE 08/14:  Orlando Harris Jr., 21, and Deion Glover, 19, identified by West Precinct detectives as the men who pistol-whipped, robbed and kidnapped a Green Hills lawyer from his home last week. Arrest Warrants have been Issued. Call 615-742-7463 for reward.

Original Story:

West precinct detectives are “pursuing strong leads” in the case of a Nashville lawyer that was kidnapped and robbed on Tuesday.

The 33-year-old victim reports that he arrived home at 10 p.m. on August 7th, parked in the garage and opened his car door when he was immediately struck in the head and saw a pistol pointed at him. The two men with guns demanded money and attempted to take the victim’s car, but did not know how to drive one with a manual transmission.

He told the gunmen that he had no cash, but would give them his credit cards. They subsequently forced the victim to go with them in their vehicle, which contained three other persons, to an ATM to make a withdrawal, while threatening to kill him and his family.  After receiving the victim’s cash, the suspects fled.  The victim walked from the ATM to a nearby business and notified police.

Police say they are pursuing strong leads in the case. Early reports indicated than one of the suspects made entry into the home while the others drove him to the ATM, however MNPD says that no entry was made into the home by the suspects, other than into the garage where he was taken at gunpoint.


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