TSU: Shots Fired on Campus over Basketball Game

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An argument over a basketball game ended in gunfire on Wednesday on the campus of Tennessee State University.

Around 5 PM, 22-year-old Nicholas Ray was playing basketball on TSU’s campus, and after the game was over, he and two of his friends got into a verbal argument with two other males regarding the outcome of the game. The groups parted ways, and Ray began to drive away, with his two friends as passengers, when he suddenly stopped his vehicle and fired his gun out the window, toward the two males they had just been arguing with. The gunshot struck a student’s vehicle in front of the two males, who then returned gunfire toward Ray and his passengers, striking his vehicle. Ray’s bullet traveled toward a heavily populated area where students were walking and football practice was also taking place.

Nicholas Ray (MNPD)

Ray told officers that he shot at the two males first because he “wanted to make them run and take cover”. During the investigation, he originally said that he did not know where the handgun was, but later admitted that he went to a nearby barber shop and gave the weapon away to a male right after he fired the weapon, before calling police to report that his vehicle had been shot. The handgun was not recovered, and Ray is not a student at TSU.

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Nicholas Ray is charged with reckless endangerment, felony vandalism, tampering with evidence, weapon on school property, and criminal trespass. He near immediately posted a $9,900 bond via Bail U Out, and will appear in court on 09/21/18.

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