Woman in Fight Video Arrested for Assault & Vandalism on MDHA Property

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Sunday night we showed you portions of a video of Ronesha Pinkerton, known to friends as “PK Lashay”, in a fight and breaking out windows at a North Nashville MDHA Property. She was taken into custody later Sunday night, and charged with assault and vandalism.

MNPD says that officers were dispatched to 26th Avenue North to investigate a fight call. Officers made contact with the victim and her mother. They explained to police that Ronesha Pinkerton had an altercation with the victim at the store, and then followed her home where the fight occurred. The victim states that shew as struck suddenly during what began as an argument, and had bruising and swelling on the right side of her face, per police reports. After the fight was over, Pinkerton broke the windows of the residence (as seen in the video).

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Officers confirmed that broken glass and strands of Pinkerton’s red hair were near the scene of the crime. Pinkerton was located on 25th Avenue North and taken into custody. She was charged with assault and vandalism, and posted a $5,000 bond via Free At Last Bonding, and will appear in court on 09/07/18.

Her History:

Ronesha Pinkerton aka “PK Lashay” recently received a 30 day sentence for stealing from target, according to the arrest affidavit, along with contributing a a delinquency of a minor, as she brought some of her family with her to shoplift. At the time she had 13 Failure To Appears in court.

Pinkerton had another assault charge in 2017, when it was determined that Ronesha Pinkerton, came to a location in order to fight the victim’s sister. The victim’s mother went outside and was attempting to get the defendant to leave the location, however she refused to do so. The victim was standing in the doorway of the residence when her mother was trying to get the defendant to leave. The defendant subsequently grabbed the victim and pulled her out of the front door of the residence and then began punching the victim. The entire incident was captured on video and also posted to social media.

In 2016, Pinkerton and a co-defendant robbed a victim in the street near 14th Ave North. The victim said she rode to the area of with the co-defendant after eating dinner with the co-defendant and her family. She said the co-defendant parked the car, walked inside, and then came back outside with the Pinkerton, who then started threatening her and then pulled her out the car and started assaulting her. The victim said the Pinkerton then threw her to the ground and started kicking her and spitting on her. Pinkerton then dragged her up the street and didn’t stop hitting and kicking her until a neighbor stepped in. Pinkerton stole a Michael Kors handbag during the assault, containing a cellphone, cash, IDs, and bank cards.

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