Antioch Parents Admit to Taking Turns Hitting Children w/Extension Cords, Leaving Open Lacerations

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Angie Anderson, 39, was arrested on Monday on multiple outstanding warrants issued in May, charging her with 4 counts of child abuse against her children, then ages 9, 10, 11, & 13. Her husband is also referenced as a co-defendant in the police affidavits, but is not currently in custody, not is it clear if charges are outstanding at this time.

Police responded to the incident in August of 2017, although warrants were not issued until May 4th, 2108. According to police, they responded to the couple’s Antioch home on August 19th, after an older sister called them to report child abuse of her younger siblings.

Angie Anderson (MNPD)

When the older sister got home from worth on the 19th she noticed the 13-year-old was holding his arm, and that it was bleeding. When she inquired as to what happened, he told her that his mom and dad had ‘whooped’ him and his siblings for leaving the house while they were asleep the previous night, and going to a friend’s house, just a few blocks away.

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When the father woke up and realized the kids weren’t home, he told his wife, and then drove around and located them a few blocks away. The father brought them home, and the mother and father brought them into a room and took turns repeatedly hitting them with extension cords and belts. They used extension cords on the boys, and a belt on the girl.

According to police, the parents hit them all over their body, including their arms, legs, backs, and stomachs. The children could not count how many times they were hit. the children sustained injuries all over their bodies, including arms, lets, backs, & stomachs. The injuries varied from loop shaped welts, to bruises, and open lacerations.

The parents were interviewed by detectives and admitted to hitting the victims ‘as discipline’ using extension cords and a belt. Angie Anderson is currently charged with 4 counts of child abuse, and is free on pre-trial release.

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