Bellevue’s {Pub}licity Gastropub Closing Amid Debt, Lawsuits, & $14 Sausage Biscuits

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Facing massive debt, and the 3rd eviction lawsuit in less than a year, Bellevue gastropub ‘Publicity’ will finally be closing its doors after brunch on Sunday. Perhaps Bellevue just wasn’t ready for $11 fried pimento cheese, a $15 burger, or a sausage biscuit with a sunny-side up egg for $14.

First opening in 2012, the last year has proven to be the most difficult. In October of 2017 the first detainer/eviction lawsuit was filed against Publicity, owned by William (Billy) Ferguson Boyd, and operating under LRB, LLC. At the time, they were sued by Grace Development / Bellevue Properties for $2,530.45 in rent, and possession of the space. No one from Publicity showed up for court, and the possession order was granted, with the money portion being continued until the following week, giving them a second chance to appear in court. A continuance was granted, giving them time to make good on the money owed, and in January of 2018 the monetary portion of the case was non-suited, or dismissed.

Just a month later, in February, things went south again when payment was due, and Bellevue Properties this time sued for possession and the full amount of the remainder of the terms of the current lease – $12,661.07, effectively washing their hands of the business. After 2 continuances, arrangements were made between the parties, and that suit was dismissed in March of 2018.

Paying their lease wasn’t the only financial issues that Publicity faced. In August of 2018, the original owners of Publicity, (S)imon Sedek, (K)evin Alexandroni, & (U)zi Shmueli, who make up S-K-U FOOD INC, sued the new owner, William Boyd, for past-due installments on a promissory note related to the business. A continuance has been granted in this case, until October 18th.

The final eviction lawsuit was just filed on Friday, September 28th, as Publicity was sued for possession and $5,363.37 in unpaid rent, plus any rent accrued after this date, plus attorney fees.

Sunday brunch will be the final meal served at Publicity.


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