Disguised Woman Kidnaps East Nashville Shop Owner Using Clever Plan, Taser, Gun, & Tape.

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You might mistake this story for a scene form a movie, but it happened at Fancy Lash and Beauty Bar in East Nashville on August 13th. The suspect was taken into local custody on Monday, giving us the full details of what happened.

On August 31, the owner of Fancy Lash and Beauty Bar was waiting for the arrival of a new client that had booked her appointment online for 6:00 PM. The new client arrived, a black female around 30 years old, she was wearing a cap, dark glasses, and black rubber gloves, in what was determined to be an attempt to disguise her appearance.

Krystal Anne Dorsey (MNPD)

The female client then produced a taser and deployed it onto the salon owner, incapacitating her. She then pointed a handgun at the owner, and ordered to into a different area of the shop, where she bound her with black tape. The owner was able to free herself from the binds and began to fight with the attacker over the gun. During the struggle, the gun discharged, but neither person was stuck by the gunfire. The female’s glasses and hat also fell off during the struggle, and the owner was able to get a good look at the suspect’s face, but did not recognize her.

As with most crimes, everyone eventually brags, and this would be no different. A tip came into the shop owner that the suspect was none other than Krystal Anne Dorsey, who was her current girlfriend’s most recent ex-girlfriend. Sherry was able to locate a photo of Dorsey on social media, and confirmed she was the person who attacked her in the salon.

The suspect, Krystal Dorsey, lives in Ball Ground, Georgia. MNPD Detectives coordinated with the Ball Ground Police Department, and executed a search warrant at her Georgia address. During that search detectives located a small handgun and black rubber gloves in Krystal’s vehicle. Inside the building, a duffel bag was located, which contained a taser with a missing cartridge, and a roll of black tape consistent with the tape used in the crime. In another bag in the same cabinet, was Dorsey’s military identification cards.

Krystal Dorsey was booked into the Davidson County Jail on Monday morning for especially aggravated kidnapping, and posted a $20,000 bail via Binkley, and is scheduled to appear in court on October 12th. The motive remains unknown.

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