He Traded a Stolen Gun… to an Off-Duty MNPD Officer, while on Probation for Gun Charges.

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In May of 2018, Miles Fuller appeared before Judge Cheryl Blackburn to answer to 9 misdemeanor and 7 felony charges, ranging from felony drug possession (including LSD & mushrooms), with intent to distribute, to felony weapons possession charges.

When his day in court was done, 5 felonies and 7 misdemeanors were dismissed, with the remaining 4 charges being disposed as ‘judgment deferred / no conviction’. Of those 4 charges under deferred judgment, he received a 6 year suspended sentence, with 6 years of supervised probation, but was not declared a felon, as there was no conviction.

Miles Fuller (MNPD)

This week, just over 120 days later, Miles Houston Fuller responded to a posting that MNPD Officer Arend Groeneweg had placed on ArmsList in a personal capacity, looking to trade a a Glock handgun for something similar. Fuller contacted Groeneweg, unknowing he was an officer, and agreed to meet him at the Delta gas station on Charlotte Pike for the exchange, which happened without issue.

Affidavits show that after this firearm transaction took place, Officer Groeneweg “checked the traded firearm’s serial number through the state of Tennessee, and found it to be reported as stolen from Dickson County”, and he references a case number (though this doesn’t appear to be a database available to the general public).  A MNPD spokesperson confirms “it was a private transaction”.

Within 2 hours of the transaction, Officer Groeneweg was shown a photo lineup, and “within 5 seconds” identified Miles Fuller as the man who traded him the gun. According to a police narrative, a detective “had obtained or was in the process of obtaining” warrants for the arrest of Miles Fuller, while West Precinct officers observed him exit his Elkins Ave home. He was initially detained and searched, with police finding a small amount of marijuana and a loaded .40 caliber Glock handgun on his person.

Detectives then obtained a search warrant for the Elkins Ave home, where they found several boxes for pistols, 393 grams of marijuana, pink and white pills made from a pill press, and various related items. Fuller claimed ownership of everything in his bedroom, but not for anything else that may be found.

Miles Houston Fuller, 19, was arrested and charged with 2 counts theft of property, possession with intent for the marijuana, paraphernalia, and possession of a weapon during a felony drug offense. Fuller remains jailed on a $36,000 bond.

It is unclear if previous ‘deferred judgment/no conviction’ dispositions will be re-opened. No additional charges or probation violation charges have been filed at this time.

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