Hermitage Man Charged With Home Improvement Fraud: Michael Faulk

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After being on the run from police for the past 9 months, Michael Faulk has now been arrested and criminally charged with felony home improvement fraud.

In many cases, homeowners that have been defrauded are left with only civil court options, but a law passed in 2010 lets certain cases meet the requirements for criminal prosecution – and this was one those cases. Police were able to press criminal charges on Faulk, and the homeowner has also filed in civil court to attempt to recoup his financial loss.

It all started in July of last year when 37-year-old Michael Faulk was taking an Uber ride and his driver told him about flooding damage that he was dealing with at home, due to a broken toilet. During the ride, Faulk offered to repair the driver’s residence. They would meet at the residence and agree upon a price for the repairs. The driver (victim) would be going to be out-of-town for a week, and they agreed that would be when the work was completed, and Faulk was provided with a house key, and a deposit of $3,000 for the work, and they both signed paperwork agreeing to everything.

Michael Faulk (MNPD)

When the victim returned back to Nashville after the week when the work was to be completed, he found that the work had not even been started.  He ultimately gave Faulk another $1,000 for materials and made arrangements to stay in a hotel for 3 days while the work was completed. Once again, the victim returned home to find that no work had even been started.

A certified letter was sent to Faulk requesting a refund, to which there was no reply. The victim contacted police, and a warrant was issued for Michael Faulk’s arrest in December of 2017. Last Thursday, Faulk was arrested and booked into jail on the felony charge of Home Improvement Fraud before posting a $10,000 bond via Grumpy’s to be released.

Below is a copy of the civil suit the victim also filed against Faulk, in an attempt to recoup his financial loss. Faulk has unpaid default judgments in the tens of thousands of dollars, already awarded to other in civil suits prior to this one. Investigators say they are likely more victims out there – if you have been a victim of Faulk, investigators urge you to file a police report.

Faulk has a long history of theft charges and convictions, all publicly available on the clerk’s website, apparent to anyone who checked his history.


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