Man Arrested for Stealing Tens of Thousands of Dollars from Nashville Employer via Company Credit

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The LinkedIn profile for Kenneth Spann Jr. says he has been studying and training in the realm of Cyber Security and Networking for 10+ years, and that he “enjoys learning new technologies and finding way to incorporate them in his life”. Incorporating them into his life is exactly what got him arrested on Sunday in Nashville, after he used that knowledge to cover his tracks for over a year before getting caught.

Spann was taken into custody on 2 class C felony charges returned by the Davidson County Grand Jury, indicting him for felony theft of property ($10K-$60K), and felony fraudulent use of a credit card ($10K-$60K). If convicted, each charge carries a sentence of not less than three (3) years nor more than fifteen (15) years, in addition to fines. (T.C.A. § 40-35-111).

Kenneth Spann Jr (MNPD)

The indictment charges that between November 23rd, 2015, and February 7th, 2017, Kenneth Spann, Jr., exercised control over company credit, belonging to the John W. McDougall Company. During this period he spent tens of thousands of dollars of company money to purchase various technology related items for himself.

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Those familiar with the investigation report he purchased iPhones, laptop computers, and other similar items, sometimes keeping them, and other times selling them for a personal profit. Some transactions were reportedly billed to other sister companies and profit centers to help cover his tracks.

Kenneth Ray Spann, Jr., posted a $10,000 bond via 1 Hour Bonding, and will appear for arraignment on October 17th.

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