MNPD Tickets Legally Parked Vehicles by Mistake #Oops

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Citizens in Old Hickory frantically began to contact one another on Tuesday, when Metro Nashville Police Department motorcycle officers were spotted on the streets in their neighborhoods, putting tickets on the windshields on their vehicles, citing them for parking on the wrong side of the street or facing the wrong direction.

Neighbors report that the two motorcycle officers made their way down Berry, then Bryan, and onto Elliston, methodically issuing tickets for each vehicle on the street. Here’s the only problem – these narrow streets have been exempted from the side of street / wrong way parking laws for nearly a decade. In 2010, BL2009-601 was passed, exempting these streets, becoming Metro Code 12.40.070, as seen below:

MNPD sources confirm those tickets will not be turned in, and all those ticket numbers will be voided. If you received a citation on one of the above streets today for parking the wrong way or on the wrong side of the street, you may ignore the citation.


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