Taylor Swift’s New Stalker Wanted in 2 States – New $1,000,000 Bond Texas Warrant Issued Friday

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On Friday, a new arrest warrant was issued for Eric Swarbrick, who is the lasted in the long line of stalkers that have made Taylor Swift the object of their desire.

Eric Swarbrick

The Travis County Sheriff’s Department in Austin, Texas, confirms the new warrant charges Eric Swarbrick with 3rd degree felony stalking. The bond on the warrant is set at $1,000,000.00 cash/surety, and comes with stipulations of staying away from Taylor Swift, her record label, management team, offices, and concerts. This is related to a restraining order issued by a Nashville judge on Thursday. In addition to the newly signed warrant, Swarbrick is also wanted in Texas for another warrant issued on August 31st, for Intimidation/Harassment, also related to Swift’s management team. That case comes with an additional $50,000 bond, according to the Travis County Sheriff.

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In addition to the dozens of letters we documented in our previous coverage of Taylor Swift’s new stalker, we received new information late Friday which explained how threats have escalated, and why many described Taylor Swift as ‘scared’ at times during her onstage performance time during her Nashville concert last month. The day before her concert, Eric Swarbrick was scheduled to appear before a Nashville judge, and he did not show up for court, and a warrant was issued for his arrest. Here’s why that was so scary for Swift & her team – the charge for which he was appearing had to do with him hand delivering letters to Swift’s record label, in which he said he would return and kill himself in front of them all. Just 36 hours after he refused to show up in court to answer for these charges, Swift would appear onstage in Nashville, with a team that was very aware that no one knew the location of Eric Swarbrick, or what he would do.

In court records obtained Friday, we learned than in addition to the 8 letters that Swarbrick had mailed to Swift’s record label, Big Machine Label Group (BMLG), and it’s CEO Scott Borchetta, there were 2 additional letters that he hand delivered to the offices of BMLG.

In one of the letters, Swarbrick writes that his “patience has run out” and that he’s coming to BMLG to kill himself in front of Scott Borchetta and the entire team.

With the escalation from mailed letters to hand delivered letters, and Swift’s upcoming concert combined with the threat of Swarbrick to kill himself in front of Swift’s team, harassment charges were filed with Nashville police, and Swarbrick was arrested on August 2nd, and set free on the pre-trial release program without having to pay any bond. He was scheduled to appear in court on August 24th, the day before her Nashville concert on the 25th. He did not appear in court, and a warrant was issued for his arrest in Nashville.

In Texas, concurrent warrants were issued for his arrest, making him now wanted in two states. The day after Swift’s Nashville concert, 2 days after he missed his court date, Swarbrick writes this on his personal blog:

“Do you care to know the truth? For example, if I—on some outlandishly and unlikely scenario, decided to relationally pursue Taylor Swift, do I care about learning her relational boundaries—about what makes her (feel) lesser or more of a person, or do I want to just do and say whatever it is I want to do and say until she asks or tells me to stop doing and saying that which I’m doing and saying? In other words, would it not be relationally unacceptable for me to do and say that which I know to be creepy, even though she never asked or told me to stop doing and saying that which is creepy? James says in 4:17 (NASB), “Therefore, to one who knows the right thing to do and does not do it, to him it is sin.” Notice the individuality of this verse. To the one who knows what is right and doesn’t do it, it is sin. Clearly, to the one who knows what is wrong and evil, and does it, it is sin (this goes back to the original verses in John).”

“With this in mind, for me personally, relationally pursuing someone like Taylor wouldn’t be worth it to me. I’d never know when I might be bitch-slapped for even looking at her boobs. Call me perverted—call me gross, but I want to look at and touch the boobs of the female I’m romantically involved with.”

Later in the blog post, he writes:

“Right now, for better or for worse, females are allowed to punish pursuant men without first telling them what isn’t unacceptable when pursuing them relationally “

Swarbrick’s whereabouts are currently unknown. He has made references to Wisconsin in social media posts, but it’s unknown if perhaps he’s simply trying to evade authorities. His home is listed in all court documents as an apartment in Austin, Texas. Scoop: Nashville has reached out to Swarbrick via several methods, but he has not returned any communication to date.

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