West Nashville Man Charged Under Organized Retail Crime Act

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In a law we don’t often see used, a West Nashville Man was charged under the Organized Retail Crime Prevention Act this week, after he was found to have been stealing DVD’s & Blu-Ray discs from West Nashville Target locations and selling them to McKay’s for cash.

James H Martin, 23, was arrested on Wednesday, after police say he was shoplifting from Target stores and selling the merchandise at McKay’s. During the last week of June, he allegedly stole merchandise at least twice from Target stores on Charlotte Pike & White Bridge Road. The majority of the stolen merchandise consisted of DVD’s, Blu-Ray discs, & 4K Blu-Ray discs.

James Martin (MNPD)

Martin would then take the stolen items to McKay’s on Old Hickory Blvd and sell them. According to records kept by McKay’s. During at least two of the thefts, he was assisted by a co-defendant, identified as Brooke Nicole Kelley. She was observed assisting with the thefts, but is not in custody.

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The total dollar amount taken was $2,930.44, for which Martin & Kelley received $679.58 from McKay’s. Martin was charged with felony organized retail crime, between $2500 and $10000, a class D felony, and released on the pre-trial release program. In order to be charged under the ORCA, one must “work¬†with one (1) or more persons to commit theft of any merchandise with a value exceeding one thousand dollars ($1,000) aggregated over a ninety-day period with the intent to sell that property for monetary or other gain, or to fraudulently return the merchandise to a retail merchant”.

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