ARREST: TSU Student who put toilet water in roommate’s drinks indicted by Grand Jury after prior charge dismissed

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Tierni Williams, 21, who was a student at TSU last year, was arrested in October of 2017 and charged with putting toilet water in her roommate’s water bottles. The roommate reported it to police after she became ill over a period of several weeks and then found out what had happened via Snapchat. In November of 2017, the state dismissed the charge at that time, and Tierni moved away. On the Snapchat video, Williams could be heard saying, while pouring the toilet water:

“the bitch is gonna get sick from this, and this is some nasty shit”

In May of 2018, the District Attorney’s Office chose to present the case to the Grand Jury, and on Friday, October 5th, 2018, Tierni Williams was booked on an indictment from the Davidson County Grand Jury on two counts related to the incident. The Grand Jury indicted Tierni Williams on two charges – felony aggravated assault, and felony food / drug tampering.

Tierni Ann Williams (MNPD)

Williams posted a $5,000 bond, and will appear for arraignment on 10/31/2018.

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The original affidavit of the incident states:

On October 5, 2017, the victim stated that over the course of several weeks she had observed a decline in her health status consisting of weight loss, appetite suppression, and diarrhea and did not know the reasoning why.

The victim learned through social media (Snap Chat) that her residence hall roommate had been tampering with her water bottles which caused her sickness.

Video review indicates the defendant retrieving liquid from a toilet within their bathroom in a styrofoam cup and then pouring the liquid into the victim’s water bottles which were on her side of the room. The defendant narrates during the incident and verbally states “the bitch is gonna get sick from this, and this is some nasty shit” while laughing as she transfers the liquid.

Below is the new grand jury indictment:



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