Bellevue Extortion Arrest: Man Demands Drug Money from Wife, or He’ll Get Her Fired & Arrested

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Ryan Sapp, 31, of Bellevue, was arrested on charges of extortion and domestic assault on Monday, after he threatened to call his wife’s employer, and plant drugs to have her arrested, unless she gave him money to buy drugs.

According to police, the victim, who is the wife of Ryan Sapp, came to them after Ryan extorted and assaulted her. The issue began when he texted his wife that “it’s on now”, and that if she didn’t give him money to buy drugs, he would call her job and have her fired. The day after the texts, she was attempting to sleep, when Ryan continued to demand money from her to purchase narcotics. He then began to pinch and hit her, leaving bruises on her body, while continuing to threaten to call her job and have her fired. He told his wife that if she did not give him money, he was going to send photos to her boss and put drugs in the house to have her arrested.

Ryan Sapp (MNPD)

Eventually, out of fear for her safety, and to keep from being further harmed, she gave him $20 so he could purchase drugs. Ryan Sapp was arrested and taken into custody on Monday, where he later posted a $12,500 bond. His wife was assisted with an order of protection.

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