His Mother-In-Law Told Police He Was Growing Marijuana

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A mother-in-law seized the opportunity while officers were responding to a call at her residence on Saturday, to tell them that her daughter’s husband was growing marijuana.

Officers responded to a domestic disturbance at the Willow Springs Dr. address in East Nashville late Saturday afternoon, and while responding to the incident, the owner of the residence told police that her son-in-law, Brandon Rice, was growing marijuana at the home.

She told police that earlier in the day, she had thrown the plants out of the house, even though her daughter had asked her not to do so. She said she hadn’t done anything about the plants previously because she was afraid of Brandon Rice, who lives in the basement apartment with his wife, Aimee Rice, and wasn’t sure what he was capable of.

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Brandon Rice (MNPD)

The mother-in-law then showed officers around the property, and they located a trailer in the back of the house with a pot with a marijuana sprout, and a pot that was knocked over. As officers were looking, Brandon Rice told officers they weren’t going to find anything, as someone had thrown them out. In the grass behind the trailer, officers found three marijuana plants, including the roots. During a more thorough search, two additional marijuana stalks were found in other pots. In total, there were 5 marijuana plants found with roots attached.

Brandon Rice admitted to smoking marijuana, however Aimee Rice claimed she did not. The mother’s plan backfired when BOTH Brandon & her daughter were charged with manufacturing a controlled substance, class E felonies, and booked into jail.

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