MNPS Lunch Menu Today: Expired Drinks & Moldy Bread?

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In March, we published a photos of what appeared to be molded biscuits being served at McGavock High School for breakfast, and MNPS Executive Director of Nutrition Services Spencer Taylor said “the discoloration was caused by a chemical reaction when the egg and biscuit were cooked together”. Today, many students were served not only what appears to be molded bread, but also drinks past their expiration date, and this time there is no egg to blame a ‘chemical reaction’ on.

Below are images submitted by students of today’s (10/08/2018) lunch served at McGavock, the bread showing discolored pots on both sides, independent of chicken in the middle, where the spots appear, where the bread once was together before becoming a sandwich, and a drink that expired days ago.

We have reached out to MNPS, and while they are now aware of the situation, they have not yet provided any comments at time of publication.

Previously – March 13th, 2018:

Confirmed by several students and parents, below are photos taken of the breakfast served this morning (03/13) at McGavock High School in Nashville. Several students report their biscuits were covered in what appeared to be mold, as served to them:


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