Mother on Child Abuse Arrest: “I would do it again, because she deserved it!”

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Sade Deshay Harris, 29, was arrested and charged with child abuse late Monday night, and she told DCS “I would do it again, because she deserved it”.

According to police, who identified the young victim, who is the daughter of Sade Harris, at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital on Monday, the incident happened after she “got in trouble at school on the computer” earlier in the day. When her mother picked her up from school on Monday, she grabbed the victim by her clothes, and physically drag her to her vehicle, and forced her into the back seat.

Sade got into the driver’s seat of the vehicle, turned around, grabbed the young victim by her hair, and punched her in the right side of her face with a closed fist. The victim reports that her mother then continued to smack her in the face with an open hand, then punched her in the back of the head with a closed fist, pulled her hair while pinching her.

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Sade Harris (MNPD)

After she stopped assaulting her daughter, she drover the victim to her grandmother’s house to drop her off. The grandmother had the victim transported to Vanderbilt where police were notified.

The young victim suffered a knot on the back of her head, swelling on the right side of her face, and a laceration, also on the right side of her face. During an interview with DCS, Sade Harris made multiple statements such as “I would to it again, because she deserved it.

Sade Harris was charged with Child Abuse and booked into jail and posted a $3500 bond. She was already out pending trial on charges for merchandise theft tools, and revoked license charges, and has multiple previous arrests for assault and drug charges.

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