Randy Dicken’s Arrest Revealed ‘Older Bruising’ on Child, Indicating History of Abuse; Mother Arrested on Separate Charge

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Earlier this week we learned that local music producer Randy “High Rolla” Dickens had been caught on video hitting and beating a child. Now we know this likely wasn’t the first time.

An affidavit obtained on Thursday reveals a portion of the child’s medical report, which stated:

“The child has old bruising, along with new bruising.”

The image below is of Randy Dickens kicking the child in the abdomen, while he cowers in the corner, trying to hide.

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Dickens was charged with child abuse/endangerment, and posted a $7500 bond, with stay away conditions. He will appear in court in November.

The child’s mother, Nia Snow, was arrested on Wednesday afternoon for a child support attachment, with a $400 bond cost, which was posted just after lunch on Thursday.

MUGSHOTS: Randy Dickens & Nia Snow

Here’s the entire arrest affidavit for Randy Dickens:

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