The takedown of a real-life Nashville pimp

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Advertising and promotion is a cornerstone of any successful business. When your business is promoting prostitution, or what some would call being a ‘pimp’, advertising can also be the end of  your business. That was a hard lesson learned for long-time Nashville pimp Mohamed Muse, 46, on Monday. Muse, who goes by the name of “Jamal Rain”, is now held on a felony charge, in the Metro Nashville jail, along with an accomplice he recruited to help him. Despite a dozen previous arrests, this time ICE has placed an Immigration Detainer Hold on his release, after he is tried for his current case.

Detective Corey Wilson, who was once part of Mayor Barry’s protective detail, received a complaint from a citizen that a man was passing out business cards for escort & prostitution services near Harding Place. Detective Wilson met the citizen and took possession of the business card, which had text that read: “Jamal Rain / 615-821-77xx / Private escorts 24/7”. The back of the card contained a Swiss Avenue address and “Rain Productions” as the company name.

Mohamed Muse AKA Jamal Rain (MNPD)

The detective called the number on the card, and asked to have a white female delivered to the Red Roof Inn by the airport on Claridge Drive. The person on the other end of the phone, believed to be Muse, stated he could “provide a girl” and “make it happen” between 11 AM and Noon, Monday, and a $250 price as agreed upon.

Muse then drove to Murfreesboro Road and picked up Micah Veazey, 52, who he agreed to pay $25 to help him procure a prostitute that met the needs of the detective’s request. The pair traveled on Murfreesboro Road until they located a suitable prostitute, and Veazey convinced her to get in the vehicle with them.

Micah Veazey (MNPD)

A bit later, Wilson texted the number “do I pay the girl or you?”, to which the response was “me”. After a short wait, Wilson received a text from the number that stated “Im here”. Mohamed Muse (aka Jamal Rain) was observed walking to a hotel room with a white female. He then told the detective that the price would be $300 instead of the agreed upon $250, because he had to drive so far. Wilson paid him the cash.

Mohamed Muse told the detective “take your time, and have fun”. Detective Wilson asked him what his name was, and he replied “Jamal, same as on the card”. Wilson then asked him for a condom, and Mohamed Muse(aka Jamal Rain) provided Detective Wilson with two grey packaged condoms and a cigarette.

The female, who has five previous prostitution arrests, was issued a citation for prostitution, after she agreed to perform sex for the money paid to Mohammed Muse. Mohammed Muse (aka Jamal Rain) was arrested and charged with felony promoting prostitution, and is currently held on a $10,000 bond. He has an immigration hold on him for a deportation hearing once his case here is complete.

In the vehicle that Muse and the female arrived in, police found Micah Lavell Veazey in the front passenger seat, and he was charged with felony promoting travel for prostitution, and a drug related charge for a crack pipe found on his person during a search. He is held on a $15,000 bond.



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