Dejuan Bell gunned down Quincy Brown, who was riding on a Bird Scooter with a friend

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Quincy Brown & Calais Hill were riding a bird scooter together when Dejuan Bell opened fire on them after an argument in East Nashville. Quincy Brown died from a gunshot wound to his head. Hill escaped without injuries. Dejuan Bell is charged with 1 count homicide, & 1 count attempted homicide.

Police say it all started on November 3rd, when Quincy Brown had an argument with Dejuan Bell on South 6th Street, in Cayce Homes in East Nashville. A threat was issued by Dejuan Bell to Quincy Brown, that he and his friends would shoot him. After the argument, the parties split up. Shortly after, Dejuan Bell and two friends began to walk about Cayce Homes brandishing guns, and asking for Quincy Brown. The trio are observed on surveillance videos, which capture all the events, stopping on Dew Street for a short time.

Dejuan Addidas Bell (MNPD)

At the same time, a short distance away, video shows Quincy Brown & his friend, Calais Hill, riding a single Bird scooter together on South 7th Street, approaching Dew Street. As the scooter turns onto Dew from South 7th, Dejuan Bell begins to walk toward South 7th, and the now approaching scooter.

As the victims rode down Dew Street toward him, video shows Dejuan Bell and on one of his friends both brandish handguns, and begin to fire upon the scooter and it’s two riders. The scooter falls to the ground as the suspects continue to fire. Quincy Brown lay on the ground suffering from a gunshot to the head, and Calais Hill is seen running away for safety.

Surveillance video captures Dejuan Bell and the other two suspects run from the area on foot, and tracked back to the area of South 6th, where the argument occurred earlier in the day. Bell is then seen leaving 602 South 6th Street, getting into a vehicle, and fleeing the area.

Brown died from his injuries on 11/05/18, at Vanderbilt Hospital. Bell was picked out of a photo line-up by witnesses, and a warrant was issued for his arrest. He surrendered to East Nashville precinct on 11/14/18, and is held on one count of homicide, and one count of attempted homicide, without bail.

MNPD is still seeking information on the other two individuals, pictured below:

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