Double-Murder Suicide in Senior Living Neighborhood on Cana Circle near Belle Meade.

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Today at 2:05 pm, Rachel Andrews, age 97, called 911, and the operator overheard her say “please don’t kill me”, and another female say “I have to. Have up the phone mama, hang the phone up”. Those words¬†were from her daughter, Gail Andrews-Miller, 65.

Gail Andrews-Miller, 65, had driven to Cana Circle near Belle Meade, a senior-only residence, shared by her sister and mother, Rachel Andrews, 97, & Barbara Andrews, 69. She brought a 5-shot revolver with her, leaving her holster at her home on Sneed Rd. She walked to the rear of the home, to the TV room, and opened fire on her mother and sister, shooting them both in the chest. She then turned the gun on herself.

Officers were dispatched to the 911 call, and were on scene in minutes. They found Gail at the front of the home, she appeared to be alive, but died on the scene by the time the ambulance arrived.

While the motive remains under investigation, Gail left a suicide note, asking for forgiveness for what she was doing, expecting her husband to find it when he got home, instructing him to ask a family friend come to the residence where she shot and killed her mother and sister.

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