Man breaks down ex-girlfriend’s door, fires shots at male guest jumping out window

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A man broke down his ex-girlfriend’s door, fired shots at her male companion as he jumped out a bedroom window, and made his ex girlfriend beg for her life as a gun was held to her. He finished the night by telling her he would kill her if she told the police what happened.

23-year-old Jordan Beavers knocked down the apartment door of his ex-girlfriend on November 17th. He brought his cousin, Tristan Rodger, with him, and they both entered the apartment, it was apparent that there was also a male guest at the residence. Beavers told Rodger to ‘put Ashley in another room’, and she was detained in the restroom, while Beavers cocked his chrome gun and headed toward the bedroom.

Jordan Beavers (MNPD)

The male guest in the bedroom says he heard the gun cock, and saw Beavers coming in his direction. He jumped out of the bedroom window and fled on foot.

Jordan Beavers the entered the bathroom where his ex-girlfriend was at, and brandished his weapon, which she described as chrome and having an extended magazine. She begged for her life, to not be killed. She says Tristan attempted to get Beavers to leave, but he refused.  Beavers then told her that if she told police what happened, he would kill her.

Beavers was arrested, and admitted to kicking down the door, and this his cousin was with him. He he charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated burglary, and felon in possession of a weapon. Currently out on a $45,000 bond, he is scheduled in court Monday, 11/26/2018.

Police recovered several shell casings at the scene, as well as a bag underneath a vehicle, containing a partially chrome handgun, as well as an extended magazine.

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