Man high on drugs causes bomb threat evacuation of Goodlettsville hotel

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The Maguson Hotel was evacuated on Saturday, due to a man reporting he was being held captive, and his two captors were making bombs inside a hotel room.

Early Saturday morning, 28-year-old Zachary Brinton, of Brentwood, approached a person at the Fuji Japanese Steakhouse, and said he was being help captive inside room 308 of the Maguson Hotel, which was across the street. Brinton also said that the two males that were holding him captive were attempting to construct explosive devices inside the hotel room, in addition to bombs they already had completed.

Zachary Brinton (MNPD)

Police arrived, evacuated the hotel and detained the two men inside the hotel room, who consented to search. No signs of bombs, bomb making materials, or anything related was found in the room. It was determined that Brinton was not being held against his will, he was simply high. It was not determined what drug he was on. Brinton was charged with filing a false report.

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As officers were identifying Zachary Brinton during arrest, it was determined he had an outstanding warrant for possession of a controlled substance out of Florida from March of this year, and he will be extradited once he his current case is closed in Nashville.

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