Man slips cuffs, attempts to escape car, after nude drawing date goes really, really wrong

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This weekend, 25-year-old Matthew Homonnay took his girlfriend of four weeks on a date to a ‘Drink-N-Draw’ type event, which consists of a 2-3 hour drawing session of a nude model, and free alcohol. The night would end with Homonnay escaping his cuffs in the back of a patrol car, and nearly escaping police completely, while being charged with 2 felonies and 2 misdemeanors, after he went berserk.

According to witnesses at the event, Matthew Homonnay was drinking heavily during the event, possibly on top of other substances, and became belligerent, before he threw the contents of his beer on his girlfriend and then threw the bottle at her, striking her in the chest.

When his girlfriend then went to the restroom to wash the beer off her, Homonnay took her keys from her purse in the art room, and left the building, the door automatically locking behind him. He turned, looking as if he wanted to re-enter the building, and punched the glass, shattering it.

Matthew Homonnay (MNPD)

Witnesses say he then got into his girlfriend’s vehicle and fled the location. He had never driven the girlfriend’s vehicle before, didn’t every have permission to do so, nor to be in possession of the keys he stole from her purse. His girlfriend was able to track her vehicle via her phone, and it was located at her 11th Ave South apartment complex. Officers went to the location, and found Matthew Homonnay standing near the stolen vehicle., with a strong odor of alcohol coming from his breath.

Homonnay, who went to law school but has not yet passed the Tennessee Bar that we could confirm, is a paralegal at a local law office. He resisted being cuffed, pulling away forcefully, while telling officers how they should be doing their job, as it was not to his liking. He then agreed to speak with police and told them that he and the victim “did get into an argument” and he “did get beer on her”, and admitted he did not have permission to have the victim’s key or vehicle.

But wait – there’s more! En route to booking, Matthew Homonnay escaped his handcuffs while in the back of the patrol car, and attempted to escape the moving patrol car, requiring the officer to call for backup. After backup arrived on scene, officers were eventually able to re-detain Homonnay and finish his transport to booking. While in booking, Homonnay continued to interrupt the booking staff, as if he shouldn’t be there, and asking for special treatment. Other inmates at the time described him as “acting as if he ran the place”, and said he repeatedly told the officers they were violating his rights. It is unclear how he received the black eye in his mug shot.

Homonnay posted a $12,500 bond via 1 Hour Bonding, after he served the required 12-hour domestic violence hold. He will appear in court on 01/08/2019.

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