Nashville man steals Hummer from downtown valet, drives to Brentwood to ‘buy heroin’

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Police were dispatched to Banbury Row, in response to a homeowner who could not get out of his driveway, because of a black Hummer parked at the end of his drive, that refused to move.

Inside the vehicle was 27-year-old Austin Stockton, sitting in the back seat. The property owner asked him to move the vehicle, but he refused. Police arrived and immediately recognized him from a BOLO with a stolen 2004 black Hummer from downtown Nashville.

Austin Dan Stockton (MNPD)

Initially, Stockton claimed that someone gave him the vehicle, and that the reason he drove to Banbury Row is that he thought he could buy Heroin at the location. On the way to booking he told the arresting officer “yeah, there was no friend. I noticed it running and took it”.

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He ‘took it’ form a downtown, where it was still running after the owner had just left it with the valet.

Stockton is charged with felony theft ($60K – $250K), and is still held on a $20,000 bond. He has a bond review hearing on Monday, 11/26/18.


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