Nashville Underground sued; bouncer charged after attacking black couple, body-slammed female, left both bleeding

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According to a newly filed lawsuit, a popular downtown Nashville hangout is being sued, along with one of its employees, who also faces criminal charges. The lawsuit alleges that multiple employees of the downtown venue refused to help the victims, after their bouncer left them bloody and injured, after attacking them in an elevator inside Nashville Underground.

The victims are a young black man & woman, ages 20 & 27. According to the lawsuit and criminal citations, they were at Nashville Underground in August, standing in front of a wall of televisions, as they began to dance and enjoy the music that was playing. As they began to dance, a bouncer employed by Nashville Underground, 25-year-old Jordan Frye, approached them in what is described as an ‘aggressive manor’, and told them to move from in front of the television wall.

Jordan Frye (MNPD)

Both victims complied and moved further away, however immediately bouncer Jordan Frye re-approached them and demanded they move even further away. They describe Frye as ‘physically and verbally aggressive’, and ‘intimidating’ during his interactions, including foul language.

Despite honoring both of the bouncer’s requests to move, Frye told the victims they had to leave the premises, and he followed the pair to the elevator. Bouncer Jordan Frye stopped the elevator doors and got into the elevator with the patrons. Once inside the elevator, Frye is charged with punching the black male patron in the face, then grabbing the black female, and body slamming her onto the floor of the elevator. Frye then picked up the male from behind, and placed him in a headlock.

Just as the elevator reached the ground floor, Frye released the victim from the headlock and allowed them to leave the elevator. As the victims exited the elevator, they were visibly injured. The female victim had a cut to her forehead, and was bleeding from it, with blood running down from the gash onto her face. The male victim also was bleeding from his face and forehead. They¬†made their way to the exit doors of Nashville Underground, they attempted to contact several employees and managers, to get help from management or police, but were ignored, except for one employee that told them to “just leave” the venue.

At 1:20 AM, the pair exited Nashville Underground and were able to get the attention of a Metro Police officer, who then charged bouncer Jordan Frye with two counts of assault. He will next appear in criminal court on December 5th for those charges.

In the meantime, the victims have also filed a civil suit against the Nashville Underground, and Jordan Frye.

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