Nashville woman arrested for domestic violence against ex-boyfriend for 3rd incident: Brooke Westphal

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Brooke M Westphal , 26, has been arrested for the 3rd incident of assaulting her ex-boyfriend, and this time added a protective order violation charge & felony aggravated assault to her ever-growing list of domestic violence related charges.

It started on August 17th, after Brooke Westphal and her boyfriend had broken up, but still shared an apartment together. Westphal had spent the previous two days sending messages to him via text and social media services, threatening to kill him, and he was afraid to return home, in fear she could be capable of following through with the threats. Among the messages she sent to him, documented by officers:

“I’ll kill both of you, Dumb fucking cunt”

“I will fucking kill you”

“call the cops in the morning, You’ll be dead before then, I will wait outside your fucking house.”

An arrest warrant was issued for Brooke Westphal for this incident. Four days later, on August 21st, police responded to incident downtown, at her ex-boyfriend’s workplace, where Westphal, who is also an Uber driver, was driving around the block, waiting for him to exit the building. Once he exited and came out to his vehicle, Brooke Westphal approached him, and then struck him in the face with her fist, causing a visible injury. Police found her inside her vehicle, and arrested her on this domestic assault charge, as well as the outstanding domestic violence warrant from earlier in the week.

Brooke Westphal (MNPD)

An order of protection was in place, and served, and everything had remained quiet for a short period of time – until this Monday, September 29th, which happened to be Brooke M Westphal’s 26th birthday. When the ex-boyfriend arrived home just after 3:15 AM, he heard a knock on his door. He didn’t immediately open it, due to the late hour, but as the knocking persisted, he eventually answered the door. When he opened the door, he found Brooke Westphal on his doorstep, and as was stepping out to tell her that she was not allowed to be at his apartment, she struck him multiple times in the face with her closed fists, causing bruising around his eye, and marks on his chest. His roommate realized what was going on, called police, and Westphal ran away from the apartment complex, and another warrant was issued.

On Thursday, November 1st, Brooke Westphal was served with the warrant for the most recent domestic aggravated assault, this time a felony, as a violation of court order, along with a violation of an order of protection.

The very first charge of assault from the texts was dismissed due to error, but Westphal still must answer to 2 misdemeanors, and 1 felony. She will appear in court on November 13th.

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