What part of ‘no’ doesn’t the Metro Council understand? You can’t have 3 terms!

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What part of ‘no’ doesn’t the Metro Council understand? Surely their time could be better spent with priorities for the city, instead of asking for their term limit to be expanded – for the 7th time since citizens restricted them. The citizens of Nashville have defeated amendment 5 during today’s election.

Nashville citizens have spoken. Why won’t the Metro Council listen? Voters enacted term limits on the Nashville Metro City Council 24 years ago – and this was the 7th time that the Metro Council has tried to repeal them, against the wishes of the citizens. With over 88% of the precincts reporting, the public says “two terms are enough, stop asking”.

Paul Jacob of TermLimits.com writes:

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“Since the politicians of the Nashville-Davidson Metro Council seem determined to ask voters the same question over and over until they get the answer they want, perhaps it’s time to restrict council members’ power to propose new ballot initiatives related to term limits. Let changes instead come only from citizen-initiated ballot measures.”

They year, they even tried to incorporate some gender neutral term changes into the wording to make it more appealing, but Nashville did not fall for their cheap trick. Metro Council, the answer is NO.

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