Woman arrested for smuggling drugs to inmate at Nashville jail, via her ‘prison purse’

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Teresa Myers, 52, is now in her own metro jail cell, until she can post a $7,500 bond. She was initially only there to visit another inmate, Wesley Mullican, however guards became aware she was bringing in drugs in via her lady parts. She is now charged with bringing drugs into a penal institution.

During a regular review of recorded jail calls by officials, inmate Wesley Mullican was observed talking to Teresa Myers, and during that conversation, they discussed her bringing contraband into the jail, at 5115 Harding Place during her next visit, which was scheduled for November 1st.

Teresa Myers (MNPD)

As Teresa Myers arrived for visitation with Wesley Mullican on the 1st, , she passed through security without issue, and then was stopped by Investigator Topper, and was asked to speak with him and detectives. During the interview, Myers admitted to smuggling in drugs, and retrieved a package of contraband from her vagina, and handed it to staff. Detectives opened the package, and discovered tobacco, and 18.1 grams of marijuana, in 7 small bags. She admitted that Wesley Mullican directed her to bring the items, because he owed debt to other inmates.

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Wesley Mullican (MNPD)

Mullican had a felony contraband charge added to his current reasons for being in jail, and Ms. Myers is now also in custody, for the same felony charge.

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