Antioch man accused of offering internet access to 13-year-old in exchange for sexual act #Arrested

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Linzer Pope, 49, rents a room from a family in their Antioch home. He pay for and provides internet access, and has control of who can use it, as only he can change the password for the wireless internet. Pope occasionally has allowed a 13-year-old male child of the family that lives in the house to use his wireless internet by providing him with the password, if he did routine chores around the house.

According to an arrest warrant, on December 5th, the family’s 13-year-old son went into Pope’s bedroom and asked Pope for the password for the wireless internet, so he could play a video game with his cousin. Pope did not allow the child to use the internet this time, and eventually the cousin left the house.

Once the cousin left the residence, the male child went to 49-year-old Linzer Pope‘s room, and was sitting on the bed. The 13-year-old says Pope then told him to “ask him again for the internet password”, and the victim asked him for the password. He says Pope then told him he would give him the password for the internet if the child “masturbated in front of him”. The child refused, and immediately left the bedroom.

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Linzer Pope (MNPD)

The 13-year-old victim disclosed the incident to a family member, who conveyed the incident to another family member, but due to a miscommunication of exactly what had occurred, it was several days before his Aunt realized the nature of the allegation, and contacted police on December 14th.

Pope, who was on parole, was arrested for a felony parole violation later that same day. The on-call Youth Services Detective interviewed the family, as well as Pope, who was transported to the South Precinct.

49-year-old Pope denied asking the 13-year-old child to masturbate in front of him, but instead told detectives that he asked the victim to “get naked and dance for him”
-MNPD Arrest Warrant

During the interview, Pope wanted to clarify his above remark, saying that while he said those words, he was not serious about the victim actually doing so. He then told detective that he regularly joked about such things with the victim, which the victim and other household members denied during follow-up interviews.

Linzer Pope was arrested and charged with attempt to induce sexual activity by a minor [TCA 39.13.529.(a)], and possession of crystal methamphetamine, which 2 grams of was found in his pocket at the time of arrest,  in addition to his active felony parole violation warrant. He is currently held without bond on the parole violation charge, and $51,000 bond on the other two charges.

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