Man arrested for DUI, while out on bond for DUI, while on probation for DUI.

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Travis Gentry, 31, was arrested for DUI early Sunday morning after he crashed his vehicle on River Road Pike, in Nashville. At the time of his Sunday arrest for DUI, he was out on bond for an September 2018 DUI, and also on probation from a January 2018 DUI.

MNPD was dispatched to 7200 Rover Road Pike just before 1 AM Sunday morning, in response to a vehicle wreck. At the time of their arrival, Gentry was loaded into an ambulance to be transported to St. Thomas West. Several passerby told dispatch that Gentry appeared intoxicated, so officers met Gentry at the hospital, where they found him to have bloodshot, watery eyes and an odor of alcoholic beverage coming from his person.

When asked, Gentry told officers he was drinking “O’douls” non-alcoholic beer, and was not driving the vehicle, but his friend was. Eventually, Gentry would admit to officers that he was driving the now wrecked vehicle, and upon a search, an open wine bottle was found in the vehicle.

Travis Gentry (MNPD)

After sobriety tests, Gentry was placed into custody for driving under the influence (2nd), open container,and driving on a revoked license. He is now free, on a new $5,500 bond.

In September of 2018, a MNPD Officer was driving on I-24 near the 38 mile marker, and passed a truck in the media, and a male wearing a flannel shirt, crawling about the median in the rain. That would turn out to be Travis Gentry, and he would be charged with DUI for that incident, for which he was currently out on bond. He also had a prior DUI conviction in January of 2018 in Nashville. Additional prior DUI arrests / convictions include reduce charge in 2016, and another DUI conviction in 2014 in Ohio.

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