Martrese Turner: “I hit that bitch (victim)”; spits in MNPD Officer’s face

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18-year-old Martrese Turner told police “I hit that bitch” after she pulled her cousin out of a car and beat her. She then spat in the face of MNPD officer Corey Oakley as he applied hobble restraints on her.

MNPD responded to a domestic disturbance call just after 4 AM Wednesday morning on 25th Avenue North. According to a witness, Martrese Turner, 18, was on the front porch of the residence when her cousin & a friend returned home. Once they parked, Turner is said to have walked over to the car, and pulled her cousin out of the vehicle, and began to repeatedly punch her in the face with a closed fist.

The friend/witness separated the two until police arrived. Once they arrived and made contact with Martrese Turner, she told officers “I hit that bitch”, while continuing to make provocative comments to the victim.

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Martrease Turner (MNPD)

Officers took Turner into custody and placed her in the rear of the patrol, at which time she began to kick at the windows. She was placed into hobble restraints to prevent further kicking, and during their application, she spit in Officer Corey Oakley’s face, and then continued to spite all over the windows of the patrol car.

Martrese Turner is charged with domestic assault, and assault of an officer, and is currently held in lieu of a $27,500 bond ($2,500 for domestic assault, and $25,000 for officer assault).

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